In Memory

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lyrics for a song by Randall Ott for the late great Bill Vaughan and dear friend. 
Nov 22, 2013

If I'm not mistaken
I have known you for so long. 
Up until this bad news,
Why can good end up so wrong?

If it's true you've left us,
Waves of memories roll along. 
I will always keep you,
So alive within this song. 

Rest is life 
With no relief. 
Death is yours 
For you to keep. 

No one wins
When time runs out. 
Who remains,
To walk about? Walk about.

If I could only hear you,
Bring light into this song. 
We've been friends forever,
Any less is proven wrong. 

It was out youthful nature,
That entangled middle age. 
Coping with disasters,
Yet I remain to turn the page. 

Music played,
It filled our ears. 
Notes Devine,
Could lead to tears. 

What was ours
We both would share. 
Climb a tower
On a dare! On a dare. 

If Im not mistaken,
For a time we were best friends. 
Never any anger,
Just good friends to the bitter end. 

Sail away on your way,
I've got things I've got to do. 
You encouraged my dreams,
This is how I can thank you. 

Sing a song,
Fill the air. 
Dance in life,
Hardly a care. 

Write it make it,
Do anything. 
Your passion lives,
When I sing! When I sing. 

Thank you Bill for being my friend all these years and doing your totally random calls and texts while my leg was broke and healing. Calling out of the blue because you fell in love with different songs I wrote which are up in you tube at Randall Apollo. You were honest and supportive which filled me with confidence and gratefulness. You wanted to be my manager. Amazing. I love you Bill and am having joy between the sadness as I stroll through my many memories of our times together.  

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