In Memory

Sue Evaska (Jablonski)

Friends of the Class of 80 we have lost one of our own today. Dear Sue (Evaska) Jablonski
This is my tribute to her.
Sad news! Earlier I was on FB via my phone while resting my leg in bed when I was shocked to my bones upon seeing that a dear friend had a heart attack and died today. My frined Sue Jablonski. The best FB friend ever. I wrote the following for her at my computer just now and have dedicated one of my songs to her. "Home Now".
Oh NO!! Sue Sue Sue!!!
Since you were a so supportive of my music I recently shared with the World under the name Randall Apollo, I dedicate this song I wrote to you Sue! "HOME NOW" which you now actually are based on your beliefs. It is my hope you find Jesus as sexy as the guy you posed with in your profile Pic! :-)

I was just nursing my broken leg in bed and on my phone saw a post from Robin which I had to scroll around on my tiny screen. I saw your name in the post but NEVER imagined it was you but upon a second reading and confirmation I threw my phone down in total disbelief!!!! I am now out of bed and came to my computer to give you a proper tribute than one from my phone.

Sue Evaska, my Jr High & High School friend, Sue Jablonski my bestest bestest Facebook friend ever! There will never be a FB friend like you. Just the word "like" makes me think of you so much, for no matter what, you would always be there with a big supportive "LIKE" for all my endeavors. You were so genuine in your "like"s & comments and I always knew you would be there.

You were so open minded yet so passionate about your beliefs. You made me proud the way you carried your beliefs so strongly yet also so incredibly open to what others may believe. You and I have different spiritual beliefs but loved and respected each other even so and learned from each other. A universal respect.

It is why I can dedicate a song to you called "HOME NOW" and that in my heart I know that you would be telling me it is OK! That the right thing happened. That He needed you now and called upon you to be with him. Even though it is not my belief, I believe it today Sue and beyond for it is what should be right for you. There should be no other reason such a sweet ,kind, loving person could be taken away from us, than the one reason you hold so deeply to be true, that you were called upon to go "Home Now" & you are.

My song "Home Now" is about the feeling or conversation when music is speaking to you. Well at least to me. I thought it fitting for this occasion too Sue and I know in my heart that your "LIKE" stamp of approval is on it. Some day when I get back home I will come to your resting place and click "Like" and we will both smile. :-) x2

When we were back in school I always loved seeing you and Anne Dandrea smiling and giggling, usually off by yourselves but you were both always so friendly & welcoming to me. You never needed to be the prettiest girl in class, nor the most popular or out going. You just needed to keep being YOU! ...Sue! To grow upon that and inevitably shine that special quality you have upon so many others you would touch in your life. How interesting that you can be with Anne again now. Give her a hug for me too because she was always so sweet like you and it was very sad to see her leave this world.

I am going to go cry some more Sue and please pray that my stitches on my broken leg don't pop from crying too hard. I really can not believe it still. My life has changed so much since we reconnected and I thank you so much for that. You were a big inspiration for me to get my shit together and post my music. You always wrote that you wanted to hear my music and I am so thrilled that wish came true before you went to the angles. Here I sit in the City of Angels well knowing that my Facebook days will NEVER be the same without you Sue! :-(

Send me a song from above Sue and I shall write it and sing it for you!

To friendship. To how it starts, how it changes, how it reconnects and how it lives on even though we shall not.
Peace to you!!
Your friend,